Computer Club

Hello and welcome to Beaufort College Computer Club. In computer club we learn all about computers, how to create websites and a few other awesome things. We have a great community here and everyone is very helpful. You don’t need to know anything about computers or programming to join. Interested in joining? Speak to Ms McDermott in the school Library. 



We learn about HTML or Hyper Text Mark-up language over a few weeks. HTML is used to make websites. There are some examples of some of our work work above.

Building Computers

We learn how to build computers. We learn about all the parts of the computer e.g. RAM, Processor. We also learnt how to partition hard drives and how to install operating systems. It sounds complicated but we take it step by step and its really easy to learn.


We also learn the programming language  Python. It is really powerful. It can be used to do almost anything. This is a language professional computer programmers use and we are learning about it in first year.

Video Editing

We also learn how to do video editing.  We've made promotional videos for the computer club and library and now we are working on a video on Irish Dancing.


This is the student's school network. We learn how to save, share documents, update profiles, find other people in the network and generally learn how to become expert at using the school IT systems.