The SCSI / IT CARLOW Debating Competition

Twenty four teams from secondary schools across the South East region argued "for" and "against" the motion "This house believes that we can trust construction experts" in the Preliminary Round of the fifth SCSI / IT Carlow Secondary School Debating Competition on Thursday 16th November.  Several were wary of "trusting the experts" whilst others argued that it was essential to "trust the experts" in order to efficiently solve our current shortage of homes.  Six teams progressed to the Semi-Final where they proposed or opposed the motion that "This house believes that there is no "glass ceiling" for women in construction".  Two teams broke through this "glass ceiling" to the final, where they debated the motion "This house believes that the construction industry has a social obligation to curtail its carbon footprint".  We would like to thank Beaufort College, Navan for their involvement this year and hope to see you again next year.

Eoin Homan, Head of Department of Department of the Built Environment & Extended Campus commented:  "The topics debated were of real relevance to the construction sector and more broadly to society today.  The teams engaged with topics in a meaningful way which points to the fact that the secondary schools that participated recognize the value of the skills attained from participation in the competition. I would like to commend all of the teams who participated and of course their teachers for supporting them so effectively".


The photo shows the Beaufort College, Navan teams of Wiktoria Borsuk, Cody Faulkner, Cody Creighton, Kevin Florea, Joshua Thuku and Darren Orefuwa, along with their teacher Mary-Kate Murphy, who participated in the IT Carlow Secondary School debating competition held on the 16/11/2017.

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