Information Technology

Beaufort College has a variety of ICT initiatives in place. ICT as a subject takes pride of place on our timetable, reflecting our determination to maximise the future employability of our students. Students enjoy exposure to a dedicated ICT class in every year. 

Teachers make use of smart boards and interactive boards throughout the day to enhance lessons.

Many of our curricular teachers use the IT laboratories to help the students engage with their lessons. Subjects such as Maths, French, English, EAL, Music, Technical Graphics, Geopgraphy; to name but a few, have regular class sessions booked in one of our four dedicated computer rooms.

Where possible subject teachers make use of a variety of ICT equipment and software in their day, this includes cameras, blogging, flip cams, YouTube, online interactive games/quizzes. This exposure helps students interact with the topic and also exposes them to the potentials of ICT in an educational setting. 

See more information on our after-school computer club here: Computer Club

For articles on some of our computer club events go to our student blog and search for Computer Club: The Bulletin


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