Useful Websites for Students and Parents

We have put together a list of useful sites for students and parents. Check it out.

Research and Project Work

Looking for reliable information that is easier to understand and written in an unbiased way? Then start all your research projects by looking at World Book Online Student. Before you get started, check out their how to research page. The information on this website is written by experts, checked and verified and it is consise. This makes it an ideal source for teenagers to use. Choose your sources according to this set of criteria. The internet is unregulated, anyone can claim to be an expert so always check your sources. 

Need pictures for your project? Try Pixabay for copyright free images and videos.

Need Help with a Subject?

Check out some of these websites to explore your subject areas.

Best for all stubjects?

Start here with Scoilnet. It has resources on every subject of the Junior and Leaving Cert Curriculum. Simply enter the level you want and select your subject choice. Remember all of your subjects will be covered here. Start with Scoilnet for all your revision and learning needs. 


Once you are officially a Beaufort Student you get your access codes for our Digital Library called SORA. Download the app to your device or you can read on your browser. There 4000 books to borrow and loads of audiobooks to listen to. You will never again be without a book. Its free and really easy to use. Check your school email for all the details you will need about how to log on to the Digital Library. Your username and password is available from Ms McDermott in the library.


Duolingo can be used for French, German and Irish, the three languages studied here in Beaufort College, its fun, easy to use and starts from scratch. Just sign up to create an account. 

Linguascope is another subscription based language learning website and all students can use the school account. Get your username and password from our EAL and German teacher Ms Carolan or from Ms McDermott in the library. 



Khan Academy has videos that teach all aspects of maths. So if you didn't catch it in class, see if you can find that topic in Khan Academy. You can search for that branch of mathematics. 

IXL Maths some of the content here is free to use, its linked directly to the Irish curriculum and you can break it down by year or revise elements you may have missed in a previous year. Parents you can decide whether or not its worth paying to upgrade. There is an app to use also. 


Khan Academy has videos on many aspects of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. If you are finding it difficult to follow from the book or in class, perhaps check out a video and see if that helps. Remember though to always ask your teacher to go over anything you are finding tricky. 

Minute Physics is a youtube chanel with tons of really short videos that explains all manner of facinating physics and astronomy questions about how our universe works. It covers questions like how we know what air is like on other planets and the physics of car crashes. Sign up, its brilliant and its free!

Home Economics

BBC Food for all your cooking needs, this website has everything you need to turn you into a chef in no time! From recipes to diets, techniques to ingredients, this site has it all.


MusicTechTeacher has a great list of useful resources, can help you with theory, has quizzes and games and loads of worksheets for you to practice. 


Try Piskelapp a free online editor for pixel art and animated Sprites.

Try Sketchpad to create art projects or design work. With 18 brushes, over 5000 clipart images and 800 fonts you can spend hours coming up ideas. You can share, save and print your work. 

The National Gallery website has a pack for Leaving Cert students, a newsletter, and lots of information and images to explore online if you can't make it for a visit. 


World Geography Games  allows you to test your world knowledge on everything from cities to rivers and oceans with lots of games. You will need to have flash installed. 


Navan Historical Society Everything you ever wanted to know about every village, town, crossroads, church, bridge in Navan and Co Meath will be here, with fantastic photos. Leaving Certs check this out when you come to choose your Leaving Cert History Projects. 

Irish Newspaper Archive is a searchable database of hundreds of Newspapers from around the country. Ideal as a source for history projects or to explore events that have raised your curiosity. Watch the video tutorial online to see how to do your searches. 

Religion, SPHE, CSPE

TrueTube over 800 short quality films here on topics relating to atheism, bullying, stereotypes, world religions and so on, that will challenge your perspectives and encourage critical thinking. 

Woodwork, Engineering, Construction, Tech Drawing

Practical Student Click the link to view this one-stop-shop for students of woodwork, construction studies, tech drawing and engineering. There are exam links and information on lots of the topics for juniors and seniors. 

The Exams is the official state website for all your examination needs including how the papers are marked - see marking schemes and all the past exam papers. Everything on this site is free. This will also have the examination timetable as soon as it is issued from the Department of Education. 

Parents, Studyclix offers all the past exam questions, mock questions, videos, notes and learning tools at a cost. You can sign up for free to avail of some resources. It's a bit like a grind school online. Check out their Frequently Asked Questions page to decide if it is worth upgrading to the premium content.

Finding a website or passage in your book difficult to understand? Try Rewordify. Its free software, that simplifies difficult English. Try the Demo in the green box to show you how it works. 

Careers, Health and Wellbeing for Young People

Spunout is a national youth organisation that provides information on topics relating to health, life advice, finding work or courses, many aspects of the education system and having a voice on current issues that face young people. The information is clear, factual and unbiased. This is a great website and well worth checking out especially for students from 3rd year up. 

Jigsaw is an organisation that offers help and support if you are feeling down or anxious. Check out their website. They are based here in Navan, their service is free and you can drop in or call them to make an appointment.

Site Recommendations

Coding Sign up here for free coding classes on Code Academy

Coding Sign up here for free coding classes on Khan Academy

Animation Create and share stories, animations and games on Scratch

Wonderopolis With over 2,000 Wonders of the Day covering a huge range of topics—you're sure to find something that interests you!

Thekidshouldseethis Search and enjoy over 3,500 clever, curious videos. Click play and start a conversation. Sign up for the emails and you'll get the tops videos sent to you each month. 




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